Part Number: SUF192UR


Additional Information: ADJUSTABLE

Description: Tested over a season’s full racing with great success we are able to offer these anti-roll bar kits to any Healey driver wanting the optimum handling performance. Using the original geometry they work as intended but have the added advantages of being adjustable plus reduced weight compared to other available competition anti roll bar kits. Weighing 25% or 1.4 kgs less means that unsprung weight is reduced at the very front of the car. Other advantages are the quality of these kits. The roll bars are manufactured from spring steel then heat treated using two separate methods to ensure maximum strength and durability. This results in being able to use smaller diameter roll bars to give greater weight savings without compromising performance. They are then shot blasted and powder coated to give a quality finish. You have the choice of using a 22mm bar which is ideally suited to fast road, rally or wet racing conditions. Then the 25mm bar is for dry circuit racing. The rod end joints are motorsport quality so will not wear quickly giving excessive play. The links have been made with left and right handed threads for easy adjustment on the car and to remove any preload that is so common in non adjustable setups. Finally the kits come complete with all fixings brackets and bushes required to fit to your car.

Application: BN1-BJ8

Quantity Per Vehicle: 1

Price Inc VAT: £474.00

Price Exc VAT: £395.00

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