Parts Development

We work very closely with many of the world’s leading competition Healey experts and when we have identified a problem or weakness, we analyse it thoroughly and start the re-designing and manufacturing process to rectify any issues.

The suppliers and manufacturers we work with are experts in their fields, many of whom work in all forms of motorsport from F1 to Historic racing. We take our designs and ideas to these experts who then with their wealth of speciality knowledge help us to supply the ultimate performance parts available.

CAD software is frequently used to produce detailed 3D and 2D drawings to establish correct shape, fit and tolerances. It also helps to shorten the design and manufacturing process. CNC machining is extensively used to guarantee the parts are made as intended.

 Once we have the improved prototype, our competition Healey experts test the product and evaluate it for us, giving us vital feedback on its performance. Testing is carried out in the most extreme conditions that the parts are ever intended for. We gain valuable feedback from these experts to enable us to continually develop and add parts to our product range. If the part requires further modifications, we go back to the development process until the product is perfect and ready for commercial sale.

 We recommend a lot of our performance parts for road cars too. History has shown that many original parts have years of usage behind them and are not nearly as strong as when they were made, or they might suffer from larger tolerances due to machining capabilities in the 50’s & 60’s. The specifications of materials are also far superior today and we take full advantage of these modern materials for added strength and durability.

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