AH Spares helped support us with the Return to Bonneville Salt Flats by supplying alloy body panels and performance engine parts for the Streamliner which was fitted with the most powerful Healey engine we have ever built. Dyno tested at 185 KW at the rear wheels, 300bhp at flywheel from 4 cylinder Healey engine their parts were high quality and helped us achieve 195mph.

We have used many of A.H. Spares parts for many of our restoration projects and we find them very helpful and always willing to assist with improving on currently available parts and developing new ones.

Since being AH Spares very first customer we have had a great working relationship with their team. At John Chatham Cars we pride ourselves on our quality of work in all that is 'Austin Healey' and through the years we have found AH Spares to be a valuable asset to our business.

Not only do we choose AH Spares as our primary parts supplier we also value their open-minded approach to development of existing and new products. Keep up the good work!

JME Healeys  have restored and built many competition Austin Healeys including maintaining such ‘works’ cars as URX727, SMO744, SMO745 and EVV106.

We take great pride in working on and building successful competition Healeys and to achieve this we need the best parts available.

A.H. Spares fulfill this requirement and we have worked closely with them for many years. We always find them to be professional, forward thinking and we have full confidence in the quality and performance of the parts they supply to us.

"The sponsorship received from AH Performance Spares give us the chance to excel as a racing team. Our cooperation developed over the years and the team functioned very much like a Research & Development division within AH Performance Spares."

We sponsored Anders Schildt, of Austin Healey Racing Sweden from 2007 to 2013, and worked closely with him and his team to develop, test and evaluate new products.

Anders Schildt has had numerous race victories and became the first ever non-British driver to win an Austin-Healey race in the UK in August 2009 and in 2012 won the John Gott Memorial trophy in a 21 car Healey race. Using all our performance parts confirmed that our parts are tried, tested, evaluated and proven to win races.

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